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Silk tie - Jackson Pollock - Summertime


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Jackson POLLOCK Pure Silk Tie "Summertime"
100% silk
Handmade finishes of exceptional quality

This Jackson Pollock tie measures 150 cm in length with a classically English blade width of 8.5cm.


"Summertime" is the alternate title of Jackson Pollock's work, also known as "Number 9A". This painting was created in 1948 and is considered one of Pollock's major works of the period. "Summertime" is a large canvas measuring 5.55 meters by 0.85 meters, created using the enamel painting technique on canvas. It is characterized by the use of bright colors and thick, sinuous lines typical of Pollock's style. The work also features densely covered areas of paint, as well as spaces left blank, creating an interesting visual contrast. As with most of Pollock's works, "Summertime, Number 9A" is considered a gestural abstract painting, created by projecting paint onto the canvas using a stick or brush. This technique allowed Pollock to create interesting texture and movement effects, as well as an impression of spontaneity and dynamism in his work.
This work is part of the collection of the Tate Gallery in London.

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