Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock (1912-1956) was an American artist known for his innovative use of spray paint and dripping, a technique of letting paint drip onto the canvas. Born in Cody, Wyoming, Pollock grew up in a family of artists. He studied art at the Art Students League in New York and was heavily influenced by abstract expressionism and the surrealists. Pollock became famous in the 1950s for his dripping paintings, which were featured in several important exhibitions, including at the Betty Parsons Gallery. His works are characterized by their dynamism and movement and were considered a new form of abstract painting. Pollock is also known for his eccentric lifestyle and substance abuse problems, which eventually contributed to his premature death in a car accident in 1956. His painting has continued to be celebrated and is considered one of the most important contributions to American art of the 20th century.

Year of birth : 1912
Year of death : 1956
Nationality : United States
Pictorial movement : Abstract Expressionist
Famous works : The She Wolf (1943), Convergence (1952), Number 5 (1948), le Number 11 (1952), One : le Number 31 (1950), Summertime (1948)