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Delaunay Scarf - Rectangles


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Sonia DELAUNAY Scarf "Rectangles"
100% silk
Made in France - Hand finished with bourdon stitching

Dimensions : 140 x 40 cm

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Orphism is an artistic movement that emerged in France in the 1910s and was inspired by the poem "Orphée" by Guillaume Apollinaire published in 1908. It is characterized by the use of geometric forms and vibrant colors, often used abstractly, in order to create a sense of energy and dynamism. The main artists associated with this movement are Robert Delaunay, Sonia Delaunay, and Francis Picabia. Orphism had a significant influence on modern and contemporary art, particularly on the Futurist movement in Italy and the Lyrical Abstraction movement in France. It also influenced many artists worldwide, including Kazimir Malevich in Russia. The movement continued to be a significant force in art until the 1950s and was rediscovered and reevaluated by art historians and critics in the 1960s and 1970s. In comparing Orphism to Cubism, it is important to note that Orphism is inspired by Analytic Cubism and takes up its use of abstraction and flatness of space. However, unlike Cubism which is inspired by external objects, Orphism draws its inspiration from light itself and uses vibrant, warm colors to create dynamics and forms. By using color to produce forms rather than lines, Orphism opposes traditional painting which favors lines to represent empirical reality. Orphism is also known for paving the way for the theory that each plastic element can produce a specific sense effect.

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