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Mondrian Scarf - New York City


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Piet MONDRIAN square scarf
"New York City"

100% silk - Silk Twill 12 mommies - 90 x 90 cm

Made in France - Beautiful finish - stitched with rolled edges

Dim : 90 x 90 cm

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De Stijl

De Stijl was a Dutch art and architectural movement that had a significant influence on modern design and 20th-century abstract art. Founded in 1917 by painter Theo van Doesburg, De Stijl was mainly composed of artists and architects who sought to create a universal visual style using simple geometric shapes and primary colors. Members of the movement were strongly influenced by abstraction and constructivism, and they believed that art and architecture should be used to create a more just and harmonious society. In painting, De Stijl artists often used simple geometric shapes and primary colors to create abstract and minimalist compositions. The movement was active until 1931, but its influence is still clearly visible in art and design today. Here are some famous artists associated with the De Stijl movement :

* Piet Mondrian: famous for his abstract paintings composed of straight lines and primary colors.
* Gerrit Rietveld: famous for his furniture designs and architectural achievements that used simple geometric shapes and primary colors.
* Vilmos Huszar: a Hungarian painter who was an active member of the De Stijl movement and contributed to its magazine as an editor and contributor.
* Bart van der Leck: a Dutch painter and graphic designer who was one of the first members of the De Stijl movement and was known for his abstract paintings using primary colors and simple geometric shapes.

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