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Malevitch Wooden Puzzle for kids : Athletes


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Puzzle Kasimir Malevitch : "Athletes"
Wooden Puzzle for kids : 24 pieces (5 - 8 years)
Publisher : Michèle Wilson
Dimensions of the puzzle once completed : 29 x 21 cm

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Suprematism - Constructivism

Suprematism is an artistic and cultural movement founded in Russia in 1915 by painter Kazimir Malevitch, who was a pioneer of abstract art. This movement advocates for simplification and formal purity, aiming to eliminate all distractions and create art based on simple geometric shapes such as circles, squares, and triangles. Colors were often reduced to simple primary colors and composition was organized systematically to create a harmonious order. Suprematist artists supported the idea that these abstract forms could represent a deeper spiritual reality and offer a unique spiritual experience to the observer. Suprematism has had an influence on many other avant-garde movements, including Constructivism and Abstract Expressionism. Constructivism, on the other hand, emerged in Russia at the end of World War I. This movement was founded on the idea that art can be used to construct a new and more just society. Constructivists worked in various fields, including painting, sculpture, photography, architecture, and decoration. They were also very active in political and social domains and believed that art should be used to promote socialist ideas. Suprematism and Constructivism were both influenced by modernist artistic movements of the early 20th century, such as Futurism, and were very important for the evolution of abstract art.

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