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Marc Chagall Art Print - L'envol


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Art print - Marc Chagall - L'envol - 70 x 50 cm

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Ecole de Paris

The School of Paris is an artistic movement that took place in Paris in the early 20th century. It brings together a group of international artists who chose to live and work in Paris, and were influenced by the advances of Impressionism and Fauvism. The artists of the School of Paris explored various styles and techniques, and were at the forefront of Expressionism, Abstraction, and Cubist art. They were also very active in the artist circles, exhibitions, and salons of Paris. This movement created a formidable artistic and cultural emulation between foreign and French artists. The 1950s marked the end of the peak period of this movement, although some artists associated with the School of Paris continued to exert their influence after this date. The most famous artists of this movement include Amedeo Modigliani, Chaim Soutine, and Kees van Dongen.

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