Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall was born in Vitebsk, present-day Belarus, before being naturalized French in 1937.
Chagall was, during his life, an exile, finding stability only in the beings who were dear to him, in particular his two wives. Bella, the first, who accompanied her early years, from poverty to American exile in the Second World War, and who died there in 1944; and Vava, met in Vence, in this Provence which was to become his own, and which gave him back the taste for painting.
Love, humanity, a lot of poetry, memory and heaps of hope, such was Chagall, the painter and the man!

Year of birth : 1887
Year of death : 1985
Nationality : France
Pictorial movement : Ecole de Paris
Famous works : La vie ; La mariée ; Paris par la fenêtre ; Le violoniste bleu : Au-dessus de Vitebsk ; Les Mariés de la Tour Eiffel