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Saint-Exupéry Cushion cover : Little Prince, Fox


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Saint-Exupéry Cushion cover : "Little Prince, Fox"

Made in Flanders in the famous tradition of master weavers.

Dimensions : 36 x 36 cm

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Naïve Art

Naïve Art emerged in the late 19th century, captivating imaginations with its charm and simplicity. Naïve artworks transport us to a world where Art transcends conventions and celebrates the magic of imagination, reminding us that sometimes, within simplicity, lies the greatest beauty. Among the iconic artists of this style, we find names such as Henri Rousseau, Raymond Peynet, and Antoine de Saint Exupéry. Henri Rousseau, nicknamed "Le Douanier," was a pioneer of Naïve Art. Born in 1844, he shone with his dreamlike vision of the world and vibrant palette. His works, such as "The Dream (1910)" and "The Muse Inspiring the Poet (1909)," depict exotic landscapes and wild animals with astonishing freshness. Raymond Peynet, on the other hand, added a romantic touch to Naïve Art. Famous for his delicate and emotionally charged illustrations, Peynet created the iconic couple "Les Amoureux" (The Lovers). With soft lines and bucolic scenes, he captured the innocence and tenderness of romantic relationships. However, the influence of Naïve Art is not limited to painting. Antoine de Saint Exupéry, a renowned French writer and aviator, was also drawn to this artistic movement. His timeless masterpiece, "Le Petit Prince" (The Little Prince), contains illustrations imbued with the enchanting and naïve aesthetics. Published in 1943, this poetic work transports the reader into a world of childhood and wonder.

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