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Van Gogh Silk tie - Sunflowers (red)


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Vincent Van Gogh Silk tie - "Sunflowers (red)"
100% silk
This necktie is hand made in France and measures 150 cm in length with a classically English blade width of 8.5cm.

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Sunflowers (Vincent Van Gogh)

"The Sunflowers" is a series of paintings created by Vincent Van Gogh between 1888 and 1889. Van Gogh created five versions, each with subtle variations in color and arrangement. The first version was created in Arles, in the south of France, in August 1888, and the others were created at the request of his friend Paul Gauguin, with whom he had shared his studio in Arles and who had been deeply admiring of the Sunflowers series. These works are characterized by a vivid and bold use of color, with bright yellows and golden tones that capture the vitality and energy of nature. "The Sunflowers" is now one of Van Gogh's most well-known works, and is considered one of his most important achievements. Paintings from this series are on display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam (Netherlands), the Sompo Museum of Art in Japan, and in private collections.

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The post-impressionist period in painting (between the end of the 1880s and 1910s) followed the impressionist movement, which took place between the 1860s and 1890s. The post-impressionists took some of the techniques of impressionism, such as painting outdoors and using vibrant colors, but they also sought to go beyond impressionism by exploring new themes and using more structured forms. Among the most well-known post-impressionist artists are Paul Cézanne (1839-1906), Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890), Georges Seurat (1859-1891), and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901). Paul Cézanne is known for influencing many subsequent artistic movements, including cubism. His paintings emphasize structure and form rather than color and light, as was the case with impressionism. Vincent van Gogh is best known for his vibrant and expressive paintings, which reflect his difficult life and unstable mental state. His paintings are filled with bright colors and sinuous lines, and they had a significant impact on modern painting. Georges Seurat developed a technique called "pointillism," which involves painting with small dots of color rather than brushstrokes. His paintings are characterized by precise use of color and light, and they also influenced cubism. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec was known for his paintings and advertising posters that featured the nightlife and cabarets of Montmartre in Paris. His works are characterized by their simple and direct style, and they contributed to the popularity of post-impressionist art among the general public. The post-impressionist period also saw the emergence of many other talented artists, such as Paul Gauguin (1848-1903), André Derain (1880-1954), and Raoul Dufy (1877-1953). Although these artists all had unique styles, they were all influenced by impressionism and contributed to the evolution of painting art during this period.

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