Our Concept

Le cadeau artistique is a site dedicated to the art, under all its forms and all its expressions.

The art-to-wear, to show on your walls, to present on your table and of course the art to offer, declined in beautiful and usual products, mainly made in France and in Europe.


  • Art prints : Classic, modern, contemporary or inspired by the greater comic strip writers.
  • Framed prints of beautiful and high quality, with a single model, specially selected for you.
  • Canvas prints : made in Italy and wrapped around stretcher bars in our studio.
  • Square umbrellas, robust, elegant an entirely made in France.
  • Scarves and ties, a very nice and complete collection of artistic silks.
  • Jewels after the works of your favorite artists : Klimt, Delaunay, Hokusai, Van Gogh, Degas etc...
  • Art of entertaining with the very nice selection of the Goebel collection : Gustav Klimt champagne flutes and wine glasses, art-lights, glass or porcelain vases, Art nouveau porcelain mugs, but also comics porcelains of Blacksad, Blake & Mortimer or still, Romero Britto articles and Pop art products with the colored and cheerful little characters of Keith Haring.
  • Serigraphs on wall panels : A tribute to the adventurer created by Hugo Pratt, the sailor Corto Maltese.
  • Puzzles, Games, toys with a selection of articles made in France for their great majority, (as the wooden puzzles by Michèle Wilson entirely hand made) or in Europe.
  • Paperblanks diaries, adress books and dayplanners, where the luxurious designs of the Canadian studios of Paperblanks will dazzle you, with for example Laurel Burch's hippy arabesque, or still, the bindings inspired by Masters of the Italian Renaissance.
  • Aartistic writing tools : Inès de la Fressange, Monteverde, Ducati. Pens after works of art of Klimt, Tiffany, Morris, or still, pens of artistic and creative designs which will delight the lovers of beautiful objects.


Throughout your browsing, you will find the rare, imaginative present which will be perfect for the person you want to make a special gift. To help you in this task, we classified our articles (about 2000 references) by themes. So if you wish to offer a present for the Valentine's Day, a birth, a marriage, the Mother's Day or Father's ay, but also to make the good choice for an enthusiast of jazz or a lover of New York, you will find the sections specially studied to facilitate your research.

So, as you can see with some evoked products, our requirements of quality and standards (in term of manufacturing) are high. At the time of the planned obsolescence, we wish to propose products made to last, and we select manufacturers which create with love of their art.

Good artistic ballad in our shop ! Feel free to contact us for any question or further information. Your suggestions concerning new ideas of artistic gift are welcome and we be considered with full attention.

Le cadeau artistique