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Alusi multi-incandescent candle - SABA

Alusi® Candle : Multi-incandescent candle - SABA : The Lantern

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Alusi® multi-incandescent Candle

"SABA" : The Lantern - 2 sizes - 3 colors

Size : Petite : 16 cm / Grande : 25 cm

Duration : Petite 7 hours / Grande : 13hours


Colour : White, Red, Black


SABA, multi-flame candle ALUSI® :

Saba's lantern-like shape is compelling, the light it casts upon its surroundings, exquisite. Participate in the performance as you light the third wick, and watch Saba respond in a resounding finale of three dancing flames.

Quality materials, innovative technologies, and creative design. This is what Alusi® Candles are made of. Designed in Germany, made in Canada.

Alusi® candle wax is food grade and 100% biodegradable. For all Alusi® Candles, only lead & zinc-free wicks are used.