Nicolas De Stael

Nicolas DE Staël was born in Saint Petersburg, just before the Bolshevik Revolution. Russian, Slavic, aristocratic, romantic, cultured, terribly gifted, De Staël is one of the major painters of the 20th century.
His evolution, from figuration to abstraction, to return to figuratism, at the end of his life, is quite simply unique.
His style, his knife technique (using a lot of material) make him one of the main proponents of post-cubic pictorial modernity.
Depressed, he committed suicide, jumping from one of the windows of his studio, in Antibes, on March 16, 1955.

Year of birth : 1913
Year of death : 1955
Nationality : Russie, Fédération de
Pictorial movement : Art Abstrait
Famous works : Agrigente ; Le Concert ; Les Musiciens ; Les Footballeurs ; Paysage du Midi