Raoul Dufy is a painter, draftsman, engraver, ceramist, decorator and creator of fabrics, tapestries and French furniture.
From his sixteenth year, he studied at the Beaux-Arts in Le Havre before going to Paris. First influenced by the Impressionists and the Fauves, he finds, by discovering Cézanne, his way through a very figurative cubism where large bands of color punctuate street scenes with multiple details, all appearing embraced in a single movement. ..
Raoul Dufy has worked extensively in decorative art for prints on fabric, notably with couturier Paul Poiret.

Year of birth : 1877
Year of death : 1953
Nationality : France
Pictorial movement : Impressionnisme ; Fauvisme
Famous works : La Fée Electricité ; Régates dans le Port de Trouville