Wassily Kandinsky

Wassily Kandinsky was a painter, art theorist, who taught at the Bauhaus and died in Neuilly sur Seine in 1944, after taking French nationality.
Founder of abstract art, he only started painting very late, at the age of thirty. It was in Munich that he began his training, where he founded the Blaue Reiter with in particular Franz Marc, putting into practice his reflections on the abstraction which is the expression of the inner spirituality of the painter.
After the Revolution, he returned to his country, but his freedom as a painter being questioned by the supporters of the Bolshevik regime, he returned to Germany. He then joined the Bauhaus where the plastic arts and the applied arts interpenetrate to give birth to a complete vision of art.
He left Germany when the Bauhaus was dissolved in 1933 and settled in Paris. There, more lonely, he built the synthesis of his art with in particular the famous Composition IX.

Year of birth : 1866
Year of death : 1944
Nationality : Russie, Fédération de
Pictorial movement : Expressionnisme ; Der blaue Reiter ; Art Abstrait
Famous works : Jaune, Rouge, Blau ; Hommage à Grohmann ; Cercles dans un cercle ; Composition VII ; Plusieurs Cercles