Alfons Mucha

Alfons Mucha, also spelled Alphonse, was a Czech painter and poster artist who rose to fame in early 20th century Paris.
It was Count Khuen-Bellassi, his patron, for whom he had decorated castles in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, who sent him to study in Paris. There, very quickly, he began a career as a poster designer, notably through Sarah Bernhardt, whose theater posters he designed and thus had a lasting influence on French Art Nouveau. , and in its wake Art Deco. He designed advertising posters for the greatest brands of his time and thus mark his time, in a totally new mode of expression!

Year of birth : 1860
Year of death : 1939
Nationality : Czech Republic
Pictorial movement : Art Nouveau
Famous works : Zodiaque ; Les Saisons ; Les heures du jour ; Rêverie ; Les Arts