Robert Delaunay

Robert Delaunay born in Paris and died in Montpellier is an abstract painter who did a lot of research on the place of color.
He met his future wife, Sonia, who had arrived in Paris in 1905, from her native Ukraine in 1908. They married in 1910 and their work, as well as their careers, would then be intimately linked.
Both are abstract, and both will seek through their work to deny the idea of ​​different planes to find a chromic harmony where nothing comes as the central subject, but where each element of a canvas is as important as the juxtaposed element.
The culmination of their research is called the Orphic Movement, it is a form of abstract cubism.

Year of birth : 1885
Year of death : 1941
Nationality : France
Pictorial movement : Cubisme ; Orphisme
Famous works : Les fenêtres ; Rythme et Joie de vivre ; Hommage à Blériot ; Tour Eiffel