André Juillard

André Juillard is a French scriptwriter and cartoonist born in Paris.
After taking lessons with Druillet, Mézières and Giraud, he began comics in 1974 and became a regular author at Fleurus. Very quickly, it is the historical comic strip that attracts him and it is there that will be his first recognition. With The Seven Lives of the Sparrowhawk (screenplay by Patrick Cothis) he had his first great success.
His classic trait, even academic, mixed with a obvious from the movement, imposes him as a complete draftsman. In 1993, he moved away from history to sign with Le Cahier Bleu a contemporary album, which he scripted himself, and which met with great success both with the public and critics alike. .
At the end of the 1990s, the heirs of EPJacobs associated him with Yves Sente to cover Blake and Mortimer. Moreover, throughout these years, Juillard has never ceased to be a high-flying illustrator; for advertising or artistic purposes.

Year of birth : 1948
Year of death : Living artist
Nationality : France
Pictorial movement : Comics
Famous works : Les 7 vies de l'épervier ; Le Cahier bleu ; Plume aux vents ; Le long Voyage de Léna